M  a  r  a    C  o  n  a  n        

Inspirations in rustic yarn and textile

"Celebrate imperfection, embrace cracks and signs of use. Mended and repaired materials, subtle and a-symmetrical. Beauty comes with age"

Materials tell a story when you can see they have been used, sometimes for years. It makes for a more interesting texture. I try to avoid shiny surfaces, instead I'm drawn to weathered, slightly broken or chipped materials. 

The Japanese have a specific word, or technically two words, for this:        

Wabi-Sabi!   Three sentences capture what is the essence of this gorgeous way of design:

                                         "Nothing lasts

                                           Nothing is finished

                                           Nothing is perfect"

In the traditional Wabi-Sabi way, materials are mended or restored, sometimes with gold. A broken or chipped piece of ceramics is glued back together and these cracks are emphasized by the gold. That is not exactly my cup of tea.  As I mentioned, I avoid shiny stuff.

My favorite materials, yarn, rope and textiles, can also have a perfect imperfect look. That's where I really get excited. In my studio I am experimenting with different ways to make fabric and yarn look as if it has been used for years.  Also crochet and even the 70's trend Macramé can be made imperfect if you ask me.